Technosys Automation
Special Purpose Machine

Retrofitment of conventional machines      to convert into CNC

Reconditioning of the worn out
    machines / machine part to facilitate
    controlled machining with desired
    accuracy and precision along with
    increased working life

Upgradation of the existing CNC      machines to meet Technology      Enhancement demand using different      CNC Controllers like FANUC / MITSUBHI      etc.

Customized Program Software / Logic      Development for CNC / PLC controlled      machines

Annual Maintenance Contract for CNC      machines

Training for the CNC operation and      Machining

Manufacturing and development of      CNC / PLC Robotics based Gantry /      Material Handling Systems / Pick and      Place systems

Manufacturer of Special Purpose      Machines

Consultancy to SPM manufacturers

PLC and Servo based automation


PLC And Servo Based Automation Systems

Why Automation
A high speed and high precision machining it is not only necessary to rotate the spindle at higher RPM and feed the axis at higher feed rates, but this should be done with enough accuracy, Also the higher speeds and feeds should be mechanical shock / vibration free. With the profoundness of their features, CNC controllers help to achieve the dreams of High Productivity, High Precision & Accuracy along with Excellent Quality.
The reasons one should opt for Automation lies in the following powerful features provided in the CNC controllers.

• Elimination of Machine Errors viz. Errors due to Backlash & Friction.
• Linear acceleration / deceleration after interpolation for cutting federate.
• Feed forward for cutting feed rate
• Feed forward for rapid and Bell shaped acceleration and deceleration.
• Backlash compensation
• HRV Control
• Al control / Advance preview control / Look ahead control
• The Non-uniform Rational Interpolation.
• High precision contour control
• High speed machining function
• High speed positioning function
• Motor technologies for faster machining.
• Feedback technologies for faster machining So taking into consideration all these Techno-commercial advantages; in today's Industrial Environment of
  Economy based Manufacturing as well to face the challenges of competition from our neighboring nations, one must think of adapting automated
  manufacturing techniques.
Empowering to Realize the Dreams of High Speed Machining
Automation Systems
Salient Features of Our Services

• Thorough understanding and knowledge of all types of machine tools.
• In depth knowledge and know how of CNC control systems.
• Wide & extensive after sales support.
• Prompt service provision
• A one stop solution for your needs in Factory Automation. Availability of all the facilities related to Retrofitting, Reconditioning and Upgradation.
• Effective guidance for productivity Enhancement, TPM improvement.
• Well experienced team o skilled and honed engineers and technicians.
• Use of Efficient Project Management Techniques & Tools to achieve timely project completion targets.
Customized Program Software / Logic Development for CNC / PLC Controlled machines
Annual maintenance Contract for CNC machines
Training for the CNC operation and Machining
Manufacturing and development of CNC / PLC Robotics based Gantry / Material Handling Systems / Pick and Place systems
Manufacturer of Special Purpose Machines
Consultancy to SPM manufacturers ( Automation Systems ) PLC and Servo      based automation