Technosys Automation

Retrofitment of conventional machines      to convert into CNC

Reconditioning of the worn out
    machines / machine part to facilitate
    controlled machining with desired
    accuracy and precision along with
    increased working life

Upgradation of the existing CNC      machines to meet Technology      Enhancement demand using different      CNC Controllers like FANUC / MITSUBHI      etc.

Customized Program Software / Logic      Development for CNC / PLC controlled      machines

Annual Maintenance Contract for CNC      machines

Training for the CNC operation and      Machining

Manufacturing and development of      CNC / PLC Robotics based Gantry /      Material Handling Systems / Pick and      Place systems

Manufacturer of Special Purpose      Machines

Consultancy to SPM manufacturers

PLC and Servo based automation


Retrofitment of Conventional Machines

Benefits of Retrofitting Upgradation Reconditioning
With andvent of time & technology, CNC Control have moved far ahead, giving you immense benefits:
By Retrofitting / Upgrading / Reconditioning your machines, imparts you :-
• Improved machine uptime
• New features
• Graphic prove-out
• Graphic Programming
• Faster and more accurate machining
• Increased productivity
• E-manufacturing (internet / networking)
• Fast computer linkage
• Simultaneous editing / de-bug of new jobs whilst existing machining
• Improved machine utilization
• Increased accuracy envelope through laser / Pitch Error compensation
• Faster part programming, prove out & machining
• Greater flexibility of part type, methods & storage
• Reduced Scrap
• Linkange to your computer network
• Decreased down time & repairs costs
• Increased confidence & ability to meet customer demands
• Long term support & back up
• Improved employee moral
• Repeatability & Reproduceability of job with accuracy
It involves conversion of the conventional machines into CNC machines. It includes Turning, Milling, VTL, Boring, Grinding, Honing, Gear Hobbing and Special Purpose Machines.
Upgradation of the CNC Machines
It involves replacement of the old CNC, Servo and Spindle Motors with new CNC, Servo and motors of latest technology. Supply of the new control panel and operator's pendant and complete rewiring of the machine side elements like sensors, actuators, motors. All this leads to electrical and electronic enhancement of the existing machines. These machines include Turing, Milling, VMCs, HMCs, VTL, Boaring, Grinding, Turret Punch Press and Special Purpose Machines.
Reconditioning of the Machines
It involves mechanical, electrical and electronic refurbishing of machines ot improve machine performance.
Special Purpose Machines as they are called, are used for Manufactruring specific jobs or carrying out Specialized task
Gantry / Material Handling / Pick & Place systems
These are Specially designed CNC / Robotic based automated material handling systems to facilitate job loading / unloading and job / material movement
Retrofitment, Reconditioning And Upgradation Of
Lathes, Turning Centers, Milling Machines, VMCs, HMCs, Grinding Machines, Gear Hobbing Machines, Honing Machines, Turret Punch Presses, etc.
Customized Program Software / Logic Development for CNC / PLC Controlled machines
Annual maintenance Contract for CNC machines
Training for the CNC operation and Machining
Manufacturing and development of CNC / PLC Robotics based Gantry / Material Handling Systems / Pick and Place systems
Manufacturer of Special Purpose Machines
Consultancy to SPM manufacturers ( Automation Systems ) PLC and Servo      based automation